How to expand your office space without breaking your wallet


If your company is growing faster than you accounted for, you may be on the lookout for new office space. While that may be necessary for many companies, there are a few options you can consider first. This article will give you a few ideas about how to manage the problem without having to spend too much.

Expand office space

Some companies need a space to meet clients and make their pitches. It may be important for all your employees to share a common building to make the job easier. You can look for good deals to lease a larger space or put in additions- these are the traditional methods of increasing office space. You may also want to consider using module offices if you own your office building. This option allows you to put in an addition without spending too much money and without too much disruption to the workday.

Share a space

If you lease an office in a building with other companies, you may be able to find a shared workspace situation. Some businesses may have more office space than they need and may be willing to rent a portion of their space out to you. This means that you share in the burden of rent and utilities. Another advantage of this arrangement is that you can negotiate a shorter lease than you would get with a commercial landlord. This allows your company to be agile and respond better to sudden drops in workforce numbers.

Offer flexible work arrangements

Not only will these arrangements help you cut rent costs, but they can work wonders for morale as well. This will mean that you have a more happy and productive workforce. Offer to let your employees work from home if they do not absolutely need to be in the office. You can also offer shared spaces where employees can work flexible hours and share a desk or area. This is especially viable for businesses that need to be operating around the clock.

Take down those walls

If you have a suite of offices around the cubicles for mid to high level managers, you can opt for an open flooring plan instead. While you may hear some grumblings from the managers, it can work wonders for team cohesion and productivity if implemented properly. The managers will always be around their employees which will build trust and a more harmonious environment. Getting rid of large offices and their walls will also mean that a lot of floor space will open up where you can accommodate your new employees. A growing company will need team cohesion if it is to keep functioning properly and an open floor plan is a great way to achieve this.

These are just some of the options when it comes to accommodating more people on a short budget. Brainstorm with your employees and get their input before making major changes. This will mean that you will have a workforce that will bear some of the responsibility for the decision and will be happy with it.

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