The Cost of Finding your Own Place

I have pretty much had my own place since I was 19, (Aside from a few months’ moving back to my parents house when a relationship ended). My younger brother however, has never had his own place, and has never felt the need to.

Yesterday, I got a call from him and he was in a bit of a state. Little bro was threatened with being kicked out of my parents place, because of his bad attitude. This ‘Bad attitude’ includes swearing, and having a bit of a temper. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot worse, and to be honest, if they hadn’t let him get away with so much when he was a kid, things would be different.

Not knowing where to begin

In any case, little bro (Who happens to be in his early 30’s, I might add), is now faced with the realization that he may actually have to move out. This has caused him quite a lot of concern as he really doesn’t know where to begin. For years my parents have done everything for him: the cook his meals, do his laundry, and buy him exactly what he wants. Now faced with the prospect of moving out, little bro really doesn’t know what to do. He has no idea what the process of moving out involves, and he certainly is unaware of the costs.

I’ve told my darling little brother that he’s going to need to save at least a few thousand dollars. This will (hopefully) cover the costs of a move, a months’ rent in advance, admin fees, and anything else that crops up. Plus, it’s likely that he’s going to need to buy a sofa, kitchen equipment, and more.

The cost of finding your own place can really mount up. I should know, I’ve moved home a lot, and I know you need money to do that.

Here’s a brief summary of the things you’ll need to pay for:

  • The first months’ rent
  • A credit check
  • Deposit
  • Admin fees

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line and you’ve got your keys, you will then have to move in. Now it’s time for you to pay for:

  • The removal firm
  • Groceries so you have something to eat as you settle in
  • Washing machine, bed, sofa, refrigerator, cooker etc
  • Gas, electricity, insurance
  • Landline costs, cell phone rental
  • Clothing
  • More groceries
  • and more

Trust me, I’m not trying to scare you, or even put you off moving out, I just want to make you aware of all the costs involved. You could be looking at paying $600+ a month if you rent a small apartment, this is before you add all of the household bills on top.

Other payments

Don’t forget you will also need to get health insurance, unless you already have it. Please make sure that if you’re named on your parents health insurance, that it’s still valid if you move out. It’s always worth getting insurance, or you may have to pay full price for detail care from Invisalign Charlotte, full health costs when you visit the doctor, and for medication too.

Moving out of your parents home can be expensive, but at the same time, it could also be the best thing you ever did.

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