Are TV subscription services worth paying for?

There are a lot of TV subscription services available right now, but are they really worth paying for? Does having a lot of access to a wide range of TV shows and movies really appeal to you? If it does, then the subscription fee could be considered as good value for money.

Different providers

At the time of writing, there are a number of TV subscription services available from different providers. Some of them let you play games as part of your subscription, whereas others don’t. Some of them give you access to the very latest TV and movie releases, whereas others make you wait just a bit longer.

If you want to have access to the very latest TV and movie releases, you will need to pay a little more for the TV subscription service each month.

Can’t you get the content elsewhere?

After a while, the content that we all pay for, will be available elsewhere. Whether it’s on the television, or on DVD. When each of us forks out money for a subscription service, we are ultimately paying to watch the content right now, rather than at a later day. Someone could quite easily type ‘The Martian watch online free’ and look for content there, or they could perhaps go around to their friends house and watch the movie that way.

You can get the content elsewhere, but like I said before, it’s very likely that you will have to wait.

Old or unpopular content

There are some programs and movies that you cannot watch any longer. This is usually because they are old, or they weren’t very popular in the first place. Movies and TV shows such as these can still be viewed via your chosen TV subscription service, and I guess that’s a good thing if you want to see them.

More and more features

In order to keep we, the customers happy, those who run subscription services try to offer us more and more features. They want us to think that we’re getting great value for money, and that they are the best provider to be with. I cannot comment on who is the bes provider, after all it’s entirely subjective, but I do know there are some very good ones out there.

Are you a TV or Movie fan?

If you like to consider yourself to be a bit of a TV or movie fan, then you may well be more than happy to pay up for some sort of subscription service. Each day you will have access to a wide range of shows and movies that you may have otherwise missed out on. In this respect, the money that you pay may seem like nothing much at all.

So are TV subscription services worth paying for? It all depends on how much TV or how many movies you like to watch, and if you think you’re getting good value for money.

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