How to Create a Great Financial Plan

Ever thought why you keep struggling especially when going through bad times? In life, you will always experience highs and lows. Your kids can fall sick, you can get involved in an accident, or other disasters can befall you. The only way to enjoy life and go through both good and bad occurrences blissfully is one – creating and following a sound financial plan. Though it is not difficult, rarely do people draw or follow financial plans.
The following are simple 4 steps to creating a sound financial plan

i) Establish where your money goes/ draw a budget

Because you already know the amount of salary or other revenue, you need to draw a budget on how to it is spent. Use a notebook and put down all the things that need to be bought. For example, you need to pay for health, housing, entertainment, mortgage, and other utilities. The focus here is establishing the expenses.

(ii) Come up with financial objectives

This is the most important step because all other parts will be hinged on it. Ask yourself the point you want to reach in 2, 5 or 10 years. Avoid generic answers to this question such as I want to be rich. Good objectives include, I want to have completed paying a mortgage and living in my house, or I want my saving account to have about $500,0000 and a miscellaneous fund for kids of $200,000.

To prevent dangers and disasters that can erase your plans;

• Take a disability insurance (very important for people without families)
• If you have a family, go for life insurance
• Other insurance covers to take include auto cover, renters cover, and health insurance.

(iii) Maintain focus on credit and start saving

In the society today, you do not want to have bad credit. Therefore, you must ensure that any credit is paid on time to avoid low credit score so that any financial institution you approach can advance you money. Notably, you must start saving as immediately as possible. To make savings, do not be very harsh on yourself by stopping all pleasures. The best thing is controlling them.

• Review the cost of expenditure and cut what is becoming too much.
• Reduce the costs here and there until you reach the saving targets and put the money in a separate account.

Commence building the portfolio and track your plan carefully

After making your saving for some time to meet emergencies, it is advisable to check for areas where the extra money can be put. For example, you might consider going to a mutual fund because the risk is low and money is managed by experts. The mutual fund allows you to identify sections where to put your money and further allows you to withdraw funds at will.

Make sure to manage the plan using various checkups after some time to ensure that all objectives are on track. Remember that to keep the costs low, you should take time checking the best being offered at affordable rates. For example, you can get a top hybrid bike under $1,000, fitness equipment, and other home products from top dealers affordably.

How to Save Money on Fitness


If you keep spending money on gym memberships but never have to time to go in, it might be time to rethink your approach to fitness. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on expensive gym membership and home fitness equipment to keep fit. Here are some tips to keep your body and your wallet healthy.

Start with your diet

Along with exercise, your diet is an important factor in keeping fit. Start saving money by eating out less and cooking healthy food at home. Shift your diet to include more fruits and vegetables. Keep the portions small. Try using a small salad plate to keep the portions about the size of your fist.

Use Free Apps

There are many free apps available that help motivate and instruct you to keep fit. Apps can help you keep track of your calorie intake and create a personal fitness regimen that you can do at home. Additionally, there are many wearable available that keep track of every fitness indicator of your body from your heart rate to the amount of sleep you are getting.

Use Online Forums

Online forums are a great resource to join a community of like minded fitness enthusiasts who can motivate you and help you stay on track. Take the opportunity to ask for advice from the more experienced members and boast about your progress. There are online communities for all sorts of activities- from how to eat healthy to runner’s forums.

Get Creative

You can easily exercise at home without equipment. Sit-ups, jumping jacks and stationary running are all options. If you want to do some gym activities, there are many easy ways to save money on home equipment. Look for the best stationary bike stand that you can find and convert your own bike into a stationary bike that works as well as the one at the gym.

Get Outside

Join a running group and run outside. Go biking when you can. Join an amateur league in a sport that you love. All cities and towns have these group activities. It is just a matter of finding out where they meet and when. Don’t be shy. These groups are always looking for new members.

Look For Deals

If you have your mind set on that expensive membership, home equipment or sports apparel, try your best to find the best deal. Sign up for newsletters and coupons that alert you to a sale. Ask your company if they offer incentives for fitness. Some healthcare plans also cover fitness expenses. Ask your insurance company.

Gyms also offer family and friends discounts in which case you may save money if you join with a friend. You should also be aware of the best time to get a gym membership. Generally, you will not be able to find a deal at the beginning of the year because gyms get flooded with new members who have resolved to get fit in the new year.

Use Free Trials and Samples

Before paying the full price for a supplement to lose weight and keep you fit an healthy, you should take a look at free trials offered by supplement companies. For example, you can get a garcinia cambogia cleanse free trial for 30 days, with free shipping and handling.

This way you get to try before you buy and make sure they they work for you and agree with your body before stumping up the cash in full.

There are many ways to save money AND get healthy, just use a bit of creative thinking to get the most for your money.